We are looking forward to your upcoming stay! We have been working hard at updating our policies and procedures to ensure everyone can enjoy a much needed escape to the cottage.

In response to the virus we have had to alter our regular routines to respect government protocol and meet the requirements that are conditional upon our opening. These changes include some important requests from you.

Please read the following document carefully, especially as you have been with us before and have become accustomed to our previous system.


If you are feeling unwell or showing any signs of Covid-19 we ask that you please stay home. We remain flexible and are can look to move your booking to a different date. To ensure the safety of our staff and other guests, we will be requiring cabins to complete a screening questionnaire. We have a non-invasive forehead thermometer that takes less than 3 seconds should you need to have your temperature taken. We understand that it may feel like a cold and unwelcoming procedure to put in place but please know it is in everyone's best interest to keep our resort safe. Please note that if you test for a fever, or are exhibiting symptoms on your arrival you may be refused entry to The Pines.


A condition for staying open is that we follow ALL government health rules and regulations. This includes gathering sizes and composition. Please familiarize yourself with the current group gathering guidelines or feel free to reach out to us for current details. Please make sure you are following policy while staying on property so all out guests can enjoy their stay.


In an effort to promote physical distancing we are trying to limit our face to face check in process. We are asking you to confirm that the credit card we have on file is the card we can charge for your stay. If not please contact us with a credit card of choice otherwise what we have on file will be charged. We will not be accepting cash this year.

Check in time has been changed to 4pm. Please do not arrive early! You may wish to enjoy downtown or go for a hike if you arrive early. Staff will not be available to assist guest until after 4pm and no bathroom will be available until you’re able to enter your cabin.

Check out time remains 10am or earlier.

Please respect check in/out times, as we need every moment we have in-between bookings for our additional cleaning routine.

Guests are to find a staff member before entering their cabin to make sure it is cleaned and safe to do so. We will provide you with a quick tour outdoors where physical distancing can be maintained. The office is closed to guests coming inside but happy to assist you with any questions through the window. Luggage carts will be available with disinfectant you can spray between uses. An information pack and disinfected key will be placed in the cabin.

Upon arrival you will also find a Guest Waiver and Covid Screening in your cabin. You are to read and sign these immediately and return to the box outside the office. The Guest Waiver will outline our policies while staying at The Pines and the screening is the Covid 19 questionnaire you need to complete. The registered guest needs to complete it on everyone’s behalf and sign it. Should anyone become ill while stay at The Pines you are to notify the manager and leave immediately.

For check out please return your cabin to the state in which you found it. There is a procedure posted on the fridge. Laundry bags are provided for you to bag up laundry and leave on your deck. Your credit card will be charged during your stay and an invoice will be sent to you by email. Please notify a staff member once you have vacated your cabin. Please leave the keys in your cabin and the door unlocked.

Cabins that are not left in an acceptable condition will be subject to an additional $200 damage deposit at check out.



Housekeeping: Guests will be required to make their own beds and pullout sofas. Before leaving, guests will be required to bag all linens and towels in the supplied laundry bags and place them on their deck. If you are staying longer than a week we will provide you with new linens and towels but will not be servicing your cabins.

WiFi Room: The Wifi Room will be closed to guests at this time. You will still be able to gain access outside the office in the meantime while respecting social distancing. You are welcome to park a chair in the front of the residence or sit on our new bench.

Summer Programming: Due to the social nature of our programming it will have to be cancelled for the time being.

Camp Fire: The campfires will be closed until the government allows group gather of 10 people outside your immediate family. We have two communal campfires and will ask that guests take turns using them as well as socially distancing. Guests will be required to bring their own roasting sticks as well.

Pets: Pets significantly prolong our cleaning routine. It is important that pets stay off the furniture to assist with effectively cleaning the cabins. Drop cloths are to be used on the furniture and will be made available, please ask if you’d like some. Please note: we reserve the right to refuse your pet if you are not following our pet waiver protocol.

Water Front: Guest will be welcome to use our waterfront. Some amenities will be removed this year while others will be available to guest to use at their own discretion.
Maintenance Needs: If a maintenance need is required in the cabin we will first try and walk you through it if possible. If the problem requires a staff member to enter we will ask that you vacate your cabin while we are tending to your cabin and if that isn’t possible we will enter wearing appropriate PPE.

We’re still here to support your stay! If you need advice on trails or attractions, we will be available onsite to assist. The office will remain closed but you can come to the office window where we can assist or out on the grounds. Molly Laurence is the Manager and available to you throughout the day and Wendy Fraser is the onsite manager who is available in the evening and on the weekends. Jeff McCoy is our groundskeeper/maintenance and available to assist you as well.

If you have any questions or concerns about your stay before your arrival please feel free to contact us.

We will send you a copy of our Guest Registration Waiver and Pet Waiver the day before arrival for you to review. Occupation of the cabin will be acceptance of our terms.

Looking forward to welcoming you.

Kind regards,
The Pines Cottage Resort